What is Agroecology?

Agroecology is the combination of two words: ‘agro’, which has to do with agriculture and ‘ecology’, to do with interconnection. Agroecology therefore implies farming practices in tune with a living interconnected whole – which is a far cry from conventional farming which sees hundreds of thousands of hectares of noble land laced with chemical herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer or allocated to strict conservation where the rest of us become mere tourists to nature.

Because modern farming practices have shattered whole living systems it becomes imperative that we create niches where the elements of nature can once again fuse and heal the whole of which we are part.

We do this by letting the land speak. We utilise all four kingdoms of nature (animal, vegetal, bacterial and fungi). We encourage species diversification. As far as possible we build our home using natural materials available to us (clay, sand, rocks and trees). We waste nothing. We therefore set up grey water and black water systems to recycle and we compost. We tap our energy from the sun or the wind. We capture and rely on the rain. Our meat, eggs, dairy, vegetables come from the land. We never poison the earth or plant GMOs. We set up cottage industries, for example organic vegetables, cheese-making, beer brewing that flow from our labour.