Outeniqua Natural and Organic PGS

Niche Unity serves as the administrator of the Outeniqua Natural and Organic PGS (Garden Route).

To become part of the Outeniqua PGS, farmers are expected to sign a pledge stating their commitment to adhere to organic production principles, pay a membership fee, attend PGS meetings and take part in at least two farm visits per annum. Any farmer growing organically along the Outeniqua mountain range (roughly from Mossel Bay to the Crags) is welcome to be part of the group. The quarterly PGS meetings will be the occasion to share knowledge, listen to expert talks and demonstrations on organic farming practices and to share seeds.

Consumers are encouraged to actively take part in PGS activities, as a means to support their local food systems, to get to know the growers farming in their area and to take part in the farm visits. At least one consumer must be part of the visiting committee during farm visits; these are aimed to not only guarantee organic production but to get consumers closer to their food basis.

Value chain actors such as market places and distributors are encouraged to pledge support to the Outeniqua PGS.

If you wish to become a member or for any additional information please contact Sasha, at sasha@nicheunity.com or 0741008827.