The Praxis Niche Unity initiative aims to provide inclusive niche unity experiences to people from all ages, abilities and income brackets. To this end we are building a Niche unity camp where people can stay and we are developing a programme of experiences around the elements of nature in which people can participate. Money generated from this is used to pay field experts, the difference is dug back into the Shepherds Keep farm; improving and drawing closer to the ideal of living close to nature.

Wealthier participants pay a fee for experiences however participants who cannot afford the fee can apply for bursaries to participate in experiences, in this way the programme aims to become as inclusive as possible.
The long term vision is that participants from poorer communities will be equipped as stewards of Niche Unity and harness business opportunities; themselves becoming Niche Unity mentors within and without the NPO.
The key vectors of the programme are:

  1. Benefitting all ages.
  2. Accessibility to all income groups.
  3. Integrating different aspects of the earthling community around common: symbiosis, values and passion.

Our camp, Shepherds Keep (Gite rural), provides an agroecology setting; one experiences the conflicts of humans living in ecologies, as the name Shepherds Keep implies, this is in an agrarian setting existing as a semipermeable frontier with ecology. Despite this conflict we believe you will appreciate a sense of harmony that is perhaps missing from modern lifestyles where if one is lucky one is involved with the routines of corporation, business, work politics, the general urban upheaval and the pressure to perform. Is this natural, is it a path with heart? if interested refer to Praxis Niche Unity.