Niche Unity providing communication and support for Participatory Guarantee Systems – South Africa (PGS SA)

Participatory Guarantee Systems are locally focused assurance systems that enable market access for smallholder organic farmers. Producers who participate in the system open their doors to farm visits during which peer farmers and consumers come to see first hand the farmer’s production process and verify that organic production standards are adhered to. The Outeniqua PGS has adopted the South African Organic Sector Organisation’s (SAOSO) Standard for Organic Production and Processing, approved for inclusion in the IFOAM Family of Standards.

Because they are built on a foundation of trust, social networks and knowledge exchange, PGS’ are emerging world wide as a viable alternative to costly third party certification. PGS is a system that is well suited to small-scale production and short food supply chain.

As a mechanism designed for supporting farmers to produce organic products and be recognized as organic farmers, the PGS rests on solid documented management systems and procedures. Endorsed farmers will be provided with a certificate endorsing their natural or organic status for explicitly identified crops or animal produce. The PGS also makes clear and previously defined consequences for non-compliance. See PGS.

You can contact us for any assistance required to set up a PGS in your area.