Scale up farming or diversify at Shepherds Keep?

In Farming making more is not always about being heavier, sometimes paradoxically its about being lighter.

“Its not about growing cabbages…”  was a famous quote by ALAN ROSENBERG  Biodynamic farmer. Allen was one of my favorite lecturers during my studies of Agroecology at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch.

If you grow cabbages you must sell a lot of cabbages to make a living, possibly sacrificing more natural areas in the ‘scaling up’ this type of thinking would involve. Other options for income generation include diversification. In diversification one must not exclude alternatives, perhaps rather saving natural areas? Or put in economic language; what is the opportunity cost of cultivating natural areas? Can our concept of farming nature be broadened? The following short video describes a humble, accessible and relatively fruitful attempt to diversify through agritourism (for lack of a better term):

Allen Rozenberg’s often repeated phrase was always thrown in to prompt astute students to larger sphere of operational influences than those under discussion. My personal interpretation of this lesson is the forging of links/threads/filaments of consciousness between person and nature; these links supersede the rational consciousness; tomorrows reasons are hitherto invisible. A process of becoming or aspiration I attempt to conjure in the title ‘Niche Unity’.

So spread the word, check-in to Shepherds Keep, you the consumer or aspirant can experience and support Niche Unity, Our farming activities now extend beyond our cadastral boundaries, encompass all the elements of nature and forged from all the stuff of peasant beginnings.