The natural energy homestead.

Matt a specialist do-er.  Aimed at developing and running integrated off-grid agroecologies (orientated around small ruminant dairy operations). His experience and approach is holistic, he can help you avoid costly errors and ensure your project is developed organically:

  • Build your initial micro-home.
  • Establish contour firebreaks.
  • clear invasives.
  • Plan and organically develop your homestead, water systems, and integrated agroecology.

Off grid micro home.

GET ON YOUR LAND AND OFF-GRID ASAP or get a bush cabin for guests, R143 000 all off-grid systems included.

Cabin exterior cladding only 51319
folding door window glass 32089
tank and catchment 8100
quality solar (800w) and wiring 20250
pump and plumbing 6750
gas water heater 4050
Pine flooring 13500
Interior cladding and insulation 6750
Total all inclusive 143000

Timber frame homesteads

Cob building

Natural timber harvest and roofing

The fees for most types of work is a percentage of building cost calculated on monthly basis. This facilitates organic growth and emergent ideas. Further details on matt skills here. Contact Matt 0844575294